Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1, Power Rangers #16, Superman #25 & More – Comic Load 6/21/2017

It’s comic book day!
X-Men Gold #6 – A New Sentinel destroys New York, but Rachel Grey is hiding her true potential.
Thor #20 – A NEW Thor makes his debut. And wow!!!
Superman #25 – Manchester Black is a douche. But that is nothing new.
Nightwing #23 – Blockbuster poses new problems and a whole slew of new villains.
Power Rangers #16 – The conclusion to the Dark Drakkon storyline with the Green/White Ranger being defeated in this alternate universe.
Darth Vader #2- Vader continues his quest for obtaining his red lightsaber. This is a great story!
Batman #25 – Oversized issue with Riddler and Joker starring in this story.
Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 – Just what the title says. He’s a shirtless or naked fighter of bears. It’s awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1, Power Rangers #16, Superman #25 & More – Comic Load 6/21/2017

  1. When I saw the title, I assumed immediately that Shirtless Bear Fighter WAS a Class Comics title. I thought that was strange, since you normally cover Class Comics titles separately. Funny, though!

    Say, when are you going to cover a new Class Comics… er, comic?

  2. I’m glad that X-Men Gold put the focus on Rachel. I like that she’s more powerful than she lets on. Looks like there will be consequences to unleashing her power. Thor #20 was downright brutal. I was not expecting who the War Thor was and it was heartbreaking to learn why he picks up the Ultimate Hammer. Plus Odinson was a complete jerk to Jane Foster. Shirtless Bear-Fighter was so much fun to read. I was laughing at some of this (The Bear-Plane especially). I loved that he was naked for most of the issue (damn, he’s hung). Shame that his junk was digitized but it did add to the humor. Plus flapjacks make everything better (even in Green Lanterns). He would make a great crossover with Class Comics. I also read Crosswind #1, which uses the Freaky Friday concept, but not in a wacky, Disney way. Gail Simone is a great writer and the art by Cat Staggs was amazing.

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