Superman Gets Beat Down! Reverse Flash is his Usual Jerk Self & Thanos goes After his Boy – Comic Book Day! 6/14/2017

It’s comic book day!
Action Comics #981 – Superman vs. the Eradicator/Cyborg Superman/Zod. It did not end well.
Star Wars #32 – Luke and Han are both brainwashed by the vampire queen. It is up to Leia and Sana Starros to save the day.
Flash #24 – Kid Flash vs. Reverse Flash. Eobard Thawne is a total douchebag as usual.
Justice League of America #8 – Makson, the man raised by monsters, makes his debut. But he has a lot more going on that what is presented.
X-Men Blue #5 – The X-Men vs. The Marauders and Jimmy Hudson, Wolverine’s other dimensional son joins up.
Venom #151 – Eddie has some issues controlling the bloodlust of his symbiote and takes on a job by Liz Allen to help figure out the issue.
Titans #12- Omen vs. Psimon. A traitor is in the midst of the team, but who is it?
Thanos #8 – Thanos is recruited by his brother Starfox and Nebula to help take down Thano’s Phoenix empowered son, Thane.
Plus we get some great Looney Tunes/DC Crossovers. They’re much better than I thought they’d be.

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2 thoughts on “Superman Gets Beat Down! Reverse Flash is his Usual Jerk Self & Thanos goes After his Boy – Comic Book Day! 6/14/2017

  1. I’ve wondered that myself, about Scooby-Doo Apocalypse and the Walking Dead.

    Good load this week, Paulie. Noticed you have a lot of DC titles. On a Marvel strike, or just picking from the best that catch your eye?

    Either way, namaste!

  2. Now we know why Superman is going to need help from the Super-Family in the next few issues. I really enjoyed the battle of minds between Lilith & Psimon in Titans. I wonder if the traitor ties into Mr. Twister from Titans Hunt. I also read Wonder Woman #24 which was a nice epilogue to the current storyline. Dark Days The Forge had an interesting story but it’s only the beginning so we’ll see how it continues. Eobard has to be my favorite Flash villain. He absolutely loves being an evil douche and tormenting people. Can’t wait for next issue. I also read Secret Empire #4 which had the weirdest dinner ever, a lot of talking, and very little happened. At least we know what happened to Scarlet Witch (again).

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