Bobby Drake aka Iceman has come out as being a gay Omega Level Mutant. His friends and teammates know. But he has dated women in the past and none of them have been personally spoken to. Until this issue. Kitty Pryde and Bobby go on a mission to recruit a new teenager who’s mutant ability has just recently developed. But first Bobby has to endure an awkward plane ride with her to discuss their past. And I did not know that he could make his ‘Snowmen’ come alive like Queen Elsa. That’s cool!

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1 thought on “Iceman #2 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

  1. I enjoyed the issue. I was not a fan of Bobby & Kitty together in Wolverine & The X-Men so I’m glad there was closure. Why are people hating on this comic after only the second issue? Is it because Iceman is out of the closet? I love your Northstar idea. He hasn’t been seen in quite a while. It’s like once he got married, he faded from view. I would love to see his reaction that his one-time crush is now out. Maybe something happened on the DL?

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