Looking Season One Finale – Season Review

4 thoughts on “Looking Season One Finale – Season Review

  1. Also, if you recall, Patrick is usually a top, as he told Richie earlier in the season. It took him some time to consider bottoming for him. Maybe there was an unwritten scene where he told Kevin to take it easy?

  2. We’re not supposed to like Augustin. Your reaction means he is doing a good job. The sex scene between Tovey and Groff made sense. Both were nervous about it and Tovey took it slow because he didn’t want to scare Groff off.

  3. Your description on how you’d like the sex scenes to play out has got me blushing. As for the show, I love Russell Tovey but I hate the token Asian guy. Also cannot stand the artist storyline.

    1. The Asian guy didn’t have too much development unfortunately. I would liked to have seen more of him to get a good idea on who he was.

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