Man Crush Monday – Tyler Rush aka Pup Amp

Have you met Tyler? I was spanking to porn last night and I kept coming back to some of Pup Amp’s work. Who is Tyler? Well, first – He’s the host of a YouTube series called Watts The Safeword, which I’ve advertised several times. Him and his co-host Cass Bolton give lots advice and speak positively with regards sexuality and practices of fetishes that’s both informative and helpful for many us that are clueless on certain practices.

Obviously Tyler has done many adult XXX scenes as well. I found him by accident once while doing a search on Puppies, for reasons. Some of his stuff that I’m a big a fan of include his stint on KinkMen. You should check out some of his work there. I hope he comes back for more. I was hoping he’d eventually do a scene with the ButtMachineBoys section of KinkMen, but that series is rarely updated.

Also, if you’re not aware, Pup Amp is a talented and sexy as fuck geeky cosplayer. Granted, most of his work shows off his magnificent ass. But look at his ass. Just look at it. It’s fucking amazing! If I had that ass, I’d show it off as much as I possibly could too.

Anyways, I check out Tyler’s social media sites and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel when you get a chance. He posts lots of interesting stuff all around his adventures on the interweebs. (I know that’s not a word). So here’s some hot pictures of his, enjoy!

Tyler’s Twitter:
Tyler’s YouTube Page:
Pup Amp’s Facebook Page:
Tyler’s Instagram:

4 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday – Tyler Rush aka Pup Amp

    1. That was for product advertisement on Mr S Leather. I think it was for a buttplug video…I think. I honestly forgot where I save it from, but I’m almost positive that it was from that site.

  1. I was set to just um…appreciate…this post, but then I saw the scenes with Bolt! I didn’t know they were ever together. I don’t know how I can thank you for this post. Seeing them together has been a…let’s call it a dream.. of mine. I owe you big time for this news1

  2. Definitely gorgeous. I’ll have to play closer attention to his work. I also think its totally adorable that you felt you had to justify looking up his pup play stuff. We understand you were supremely horny. I mean look at him! He’d make a statue horny. 😀

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