March 8 – International Women’s Day!

It is International Women’s Day! Thank you women for giving birth to all of the human race. If I have any women that frequent my site, I hope you know that you are appreciated and that your struggles are valid. Every society owes gratitude to the women that have endured the hardships of being undermined and underestimated based on their gender. We owe it to every woman in our lives that fought and protected us to strive for equality on all terms and fight back anyone that attempts to hurt or diminish the battles that have been fought.

On a side note, I would absolutely LOVE to see an all women Marvel movie. With the X-Men coming into the MCU, I could only imagine seeing some of the team members being brought on board. Like a LEGIT version of Storm that does more than just lightning. She could even have her own Asgardian hammer – Stormcaster. Not to mention some other characters that have been ignored. Bring on She-Hulk already!