Marvel Swimsuit Issues of the 90s – Let’s Appreciate These Hot Comic Book Male Characters


The 90s were a funny time for all media outlets, including comic books. Marvel Comics made a Swimsuit Mini Series where a few of their characters visited different locations on trips/vacations. The series involved many different artists with their interpretations of what those individual characters would be in a relaxing watery environment. I want them to do another version of this. It could be epic!

Some are practical but others are just totally out there. Who thought it would be ok for Nomad (pictured above) in a string bikini with his baby ‘Bucky’ looking up at his package. You can’t make this stuff up.

Luckily the other art don’t involve anything like that, but a few are still a bit out there in wackiness. I’m pretty sure that Doom above brought that blow up doll to Wakanda for him and Kingpin to share. Anyways though, as you can see, the artists did not just focus on females and many males were shown in this comic book mini series and they are just as sexually objectified as their females counterparts. Here’s a few of them that I enjoyed from the series.

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