Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Game 2018 – Anyone Playing This Insomniac Game?

I am not a hardcore gaymer by a long shot, but I do enjoy a few of them here and there when the opportunity arises. I have not played Insomniac’s Spider-Man game myself, but I have a few friends who have shown me what it entails, and wow! It appears to be one of the best made for the wall crawler yet. The trailers alone show what it really means to be Peter Parker and what he goes through to be better than the average hero while maintaining that he has unsurmountable will to over come anything that comes his way.

There are a lot of references as well to what is happening in real world as well. Rainbow Pride flags are shown prevalently and proudly. J. Jonah Jameson, who is always on the crazier side of conspiracies, is even more so now with an Alex Jones feel to him. Meanwhile, the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, has his tower looking suspiciously like Drumpf’s, I mean Trump’s own tower.

All of that is not even talking about the incredible storyline and smooth game play. The graphics alone make this game worth it. Oh yeah, the Ghostbusters Firehouse is in it as part of NYC. How fracking cool is that?! So is anyone playing this? I am curious as to how you feel about it.

One last thing, if you pre-ordered the game from certain shops, you could also start out with different Spider-Verse costumes. Or just alternate reality versions of Spidey. Including one of my favorite – Spider-Punk!

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