The second issue to Midnighter and Apollo is out. Last we left our heroes, Apollo was killed and dragged to hell. Now Midnighter has to find a way to get to his boyfriend and save him. The irony of two heroes going to hell is not lost on me. This is a great issue, and so far I cannot wait to see how Midnighter saves his partner.

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1 thought on “Midnighter and Apollo #2 – DC Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

  1. I’m glad that Extrano is back in the DCU and is taken seriously. He was such a stereotype when he first appeared in Millenium and then New Guardians. Midnighter holding Apollo as his light went out was so touching. I thought the part where spectators taking pictures of it with their phones was something that would happen in real life (unfortunately). I can’t wait to see Midnighter in Hell. He will kick all kinds of ass. I can’t wait to see you as Midnighter. You will look so hot in that costume.

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