Unworthy Thor #1, Superman and Batman #10, Nightwing #8 – Comic Load 11/2/2016


It’s comic book day! We have Odinson trying to obtain the Ultimate Universe’s Hammer in the Unworthy Thor #1. Superman’s son Jonathan meets Damien Wayne over in Superman #10. Nightwing’s Raptor storyline concludes in Nightwing #8. The Ultimate version of Reed Richards is captured in New Avengers #17. The Phantom Lantern takes up his ring in Green Lanterns #10. And Batman tussles with Bane and forms his own Suicide Squad over in Batman #10. What’s your load look like?

Unworthy Thor #1
Superman #10
Nightwing #8
New Avengers #17
Green Lanterns #10
Batman #10

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1 thought on “Unworthy Thor #1, Superman and Batman #10, Nightwing #8 – Comic Load 11/2/2016

  1. Superman was my favorite so far. I forgot what an annoying little shit Damien is so I enjoyed it when Jon punched him. I do think DC deliberately took Kon-El off the field. However, I think they did such a horrible job with him during the New52 that there was no other option. At least Tim is going to be a part of the larger Rebirth picture. I also read Scarlet Witch #12, Spider-Woman #13 (poor Roger), Aquaman #10, Avengers #1, and Harley Quinn #7. I thought Raptor was going to be related to Nightwing but it looks like he was just a creeper. Unworthy Thor was great too (yay shirtless Odinson).

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