MonkeyGoGo – GayComicGeek Art UnFinished Work

One of my online friends, who is also a super sexy artist, Kwok aka The MonkeyGoGo, has made a couple different GayComicGeek pieces in the past. He did a five a series where my character was slowly getting undressed. But recently he let me know that he also started to work on one drawing but was never able finish. The piece was with me being splacked by his own Marco character. He unfortunately no longer has the same computer and cannot complete the pic to update with my tats, add splooge, etc. However he said I could show the work that he completed.

I want to encourage Kwok to create his own Patreon page so that he can continue on his art. He’s got excellent talent and I’d love to see more of his work being explored. It doesn’t hurt that’s hot as all hell and I’d love to just see vids of him working. What do you guys think?

To check out Kwok’s work head over to his site at: MonkeyGoGo.Net

To see the artist himself with his cute ass (sometimes literally), head over to his Instagram page:

4 thoughts on “MonkeyGoGo – GayComicGeek Art UnFinished Work

  1. I wish he could finish the splacking piece, but I’m down to see lots more of his art, and him…what a hottie

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