Negan (Rick’s Ultimate Nemesis) from Walking Dead has Been Cast!

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Just in, the Hollywood Reporter has been given news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will appear as Rick Grimes ultimate nemesis in the Walking Dead series next year for season 6. Do you remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan? He played the Comedian in the Watchmen movie and he is also the deceased daddy to the Winchester brothers on Supernatural.


If you are unfamiliar as to who the character of Negan is on the Walking Dead, the comic books have him as being Rick’s ultimate nemesis. He causes a very brutal and violent death of one of Rick’s longest companions and is in no way, shape or form any type of character that you feel any sympathy. The TV series made us feel some empathetic for the governor, even though he was still a douchebag in the end.

Michonne Aaron

Many characters that are famous from the comics have become regular characters in the TV series. The badass superherione Michonne (Danai Gurira) is a fan favorite, next to Daryl and Carol of course. Newcomer Aaron (Ross Marquand) who also happens to be one of the first openly gay men introduced into the series, is also another character that made the jump from comic to TV. Although his character has received a lot more hate on the show from bigoted/homophobic audiences, but luckily is still a regular, for now.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The TV series has diverged greatly from the comic book, but there have been some elements that have remained in tact. The governor from the comic book series differed greatly from his TV counterpart, but he still had similar motivations and did become a villain of the series. Whether or not Negan will be similar to his comic book counter part is yet to be seen. More than likely, his cursing will be limited to AMC standards and some of his sexual escapades will be down played. Regardless though, comic book fans have been waiting to see this character show up and how him and Rick will interact. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an excellent choice, and his acting skills have proven that he has what it takes to go for this role. Hopefully he will be written in a way that fans will enjoy/hate him as much as his counterpart.

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