New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer! Chris Pratt is so Hot!

I am sure most people have caught the highlights and important parts of the commercials and halftime show from the 2017 Super Bowl, but have you seen the Guardians of the Galaxy extended trailer? I am curious as to why it’s called Volume 2 instead of just Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I guess just to make it sound different and unique. Makes no difference to me honestly. Interesting that Yondu is now part of the group. I never read the original team of the Guardians, but I know his character was part of that group and he is much different than what is shown on screen. Still I think it is a welcomed change. And Mantis…yay? I guess. More the merrier!

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2 thoughts on “New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer! Chris Pratt is so Hot!

  1. I am so excited for this movie. I think it’s called Vol. 2 because of the mix tapes Star-Lord’s mom made for him (Awesome Mix vol. 1 & vol. 2). I read the original series and Yondu is a lot different than the movie. The Yaka arrow is the same so it’s amazing to see in the movie. Mantis should be interesting, especially if they go into the Celestial Madonna thing. Plus shirtless Chris Pratt

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