New Midnighter and Apollo Series – Damn this Looks Good!


Midnighter had a solo series for a year and was the first gay male to his own a mainstream comic book. Unfortunately because of low sales, despite an excellent story written by Steve Orlando, his series did not make it through DC’s Rebirth. Luckily though he will be having his own mini-series with his long time partner Apollo and will be written by Orlando again. He stated:

“MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO is the book we need right now, as comics’ most iconic queer couple face down a new enemy and show us that we can never give in to fear, hatred, and evil,” says Orlando. “And they do it with their own brand of action movie wit… and punching. I won’t just deliver fans the much-anticipated return of Apollo. I’ll also feature the Lords of the Gun and the iconic Mawzir from DC’s seminal Hitman, as well as Underworld Unleashed’s Neron. And that’s just the beginning. It’s a knockdown, drag out, DC Universe western revenge thriller that starts kicking from page one!”

I think the preview released looks excellent. And can we just appreciate Midnighter’s costume? I think it is time I costume as a gay superhero character and Midnighter would be a great one. I know this is just a small series and sales probably will not be that great even still, but I will definitely support this endeavor. Issue number 1 will be released on October 5 by DC Comics.

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3 thoughts on “New Midnighter and Apollo Series – Damn this Looks Good!

  1. I am really looking forward to this mini-series. Midnighter was a great series so I know this mini-series will be awesome. I have been waiting for Apollo to have a larger presence in the DC Universe. I think you would look hot as Midnighter. Can I be your Apollo?

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