Nightwing #2, Walking Dead #157, Justice League #2- Comic Load 8/3/2016

Comic Load 8 3 2016 (7).Movie_Snapshot

It’s great to be a comic book geek! This comic book day I got:
Aquaman #1
Batman #4
Batman Beyond #15
Walking Dead #157
Green Lanterns #4
Justice League #2
Nightwing #2

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1 thought on “Nightwing #2, Walking Dead #157, Justice League #2- Comic Load 8/3/2016

  1. The Aquaman conflict escalated a little to fast for my taste. I would have like a little more of a slow burn. I also read Harley Quinn #1 which was fun as always. Same thing with Gang of Harleys. My favorite so far was Nightwing. It was a great comic and that cover looks like he’s about to get fucked hard. I got Torchwood #1 and I’m excited to read it. I love your shirt by the way.

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