Now That Tumblr Is Out, Where Will You Go?

I have been asked a few times as to where I will be heading after the Tumblr will be outlawing adult content. Personally I will be posting a lot more on Twitter. I have used Twitter for years but I have never really used it to an extent to take it very seriously. That will change now. I’ll probably be posting there much more often.

GayComicGeek Twitter:

I will also still be loading many private pictures and videos to my Patreon site. There is a limit to Patreon with adult content but they allow far more than Facebook and Instagram. I constantly whore myself out on Patreon to show some of slutty geeky shenanigans that I get into with me and my friends.

My Patreon page:

There are a lot of new apps and sites opening up every day. There will be more sites that will take up the slack and have influx of new users. I have even heard of PornHub opening its gates to allow more user friendly (still very adult) but also having posting capabilities that rival Tumblr’s own blogging system. I just started to explore PornHub for more that JUST jerking off. I’ll see what I can create on it. What site/app will you be posting and/or viewing more often now that Tumblr is basically a new MySpace?

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