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GayComicGeek Patreon Whoring Post #207

I post some slutty pics here and there on my Patreon site. Most are comic book related pictures and some are just me being either being a total sleazy whore. I love both, so why not embrace both? I also give away GayComicGeek costumes in random giveaways to my Cosmic Enforcer level patrons.

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GayComicGeek Patreon Whoring Out Post #6869

I have to whore myself out from time to time. Sometimes I take some risky adult pics for my Patreon site. Sometimes they’re cosplay pics and sometimes they’re just play sexy pics with my friends/boyfriend. It depends on my mood. Check it out when you get chance.


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Check Out The Art of MonkeyGoGo – Who is Fucking Superman Hottie Himself! (NSFW)

Have you seen the artwork of MonkeyGoGo? He sometimes goes by Monkey_Muscle or MonkeyGoGo_Bara. I have been friends with him for some time and I’ve always wondered why he has never made his own comic book with some of the characters he has created. He has made a couple attempts with making his own sexy GayComicGeek art. Check out his work when you get a chance and check out his Patreon page for the good version of the GayComicGeek art posted below. I think he did an excellent job.

Check out his...

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Now That Tumblr Is Out, Where Will You Go?

I have been asked a few times as to where I will be heading after the Tumblr will be outlawing adult content. Personally I will be posting a lot more on Twitter. I have used Twitter for years but I have never really used it to an extent to take it very seriously. That will change now. I’ll probably be posting there much more often.

GayComicGeek Twitter:

I will also still be loading many private pictures and videos to my Patreon site. There is a limit to Patreon with a...

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GayComicGeek Patreon – Monthly Pimping Myself Out Post

Sometimes I treat my self like a dirty slut and pimp myself out for my Patreon Page. It’s mostly to support my videos/cosplay/reviews/life feeds/gay geeky and slightly R-Rated related material and a few slightly inappropriate pictures that go a little further. This coming month is dirty GayComicGeek/GaySideKick Christmas pics that are being done for my annual Christmas cards that I send to my higher tier Patrons. I’m going to get another oversized candy cane...

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GayComicGeek Patreon – Whoring Myself Out Post


Every so often I have to whore advertise myself online for my Patreon site. It’s mostly to support my videos/cosplay/reviews/life feeds/gay geeky related material and a few slightly inappropriate pictures and videos of myself. Check it out when you get a chance!

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GayComicGeek Patreon Post #629 – I’m a Cuddle Whore!

There’s really nothing hidden in this picture, I just like to point out that I’m a cuddle whore. No seriously, I would cuddle the fuck out of you if given the chance. I sometimes post these pics on Patreon, just because. This was a great cosplay model to work with too. Loved his interaction, despite him getting HANGRY (angry from his hunger) because he did not eat lunch that day.

Check out my Patreon site for more, over at:

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GayComicGeek Patreon Obligatory Whoring Out Post – #207

Every couple of weeks I have to post up a shameless self promotion of my Patreon site. Besides getting involved in some slightly risky pics, I also bring in a lot of my friends for some sexy/geeky fun. I have a shoot coming up with twi friends that will include some business attire and leather kinkiness. Let’s see how that goes!

Check out my Patreon site for more, over at:

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GayComicGeek Patreon – Obligatory Click Bait Post

I have a Patreon page. I like to post up my private pics of sexy male costumers that I have taken. And look – Some tatted arm guy with cut off jean shorts captured Robin! Or maybe he willingly came along, I can’t tell. Most of my Patreon site pics are of my friends and other cosplayers that enjoy a slightly sexualized look at costuming. Both gay and straight men seem to have fun with this. This is always with their permission of course...

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Wait, What? Who is that? I Can’t Tell Who Either Person is in That Picture…(Patreon ClickBait Post)

I sometimes take some sexy pictures with my friends, particularly one of my bestest buddies in the world, DannyLantern. This was just a goofing-around-sexual-he-can-feel-my-hard-cock-on-his-ass picture. Because that’s what friends are for! We took more pics and he’s got some of them and I have some on my own page.

Dan’s Patreon site:

Check out my own Patreon site over at:

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