Panthro- The leather spike daddy of the Thundercat’s group was finally released from the MattyCollector Thundercats Classics toyline. It is unfortunate that he is the last of the toyline, but he is still very awesome. Here’s my thoughts on the figure.

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2 thoughts on “Panthro – Thundercats Classics Toy Figure Review

  1. I thought that Pantro was SOOO BADASS as a child when I watched ThunderCats. This was my favorite show as a kid, and it opened me up to the idea of ‘action cartoons’. I think Panthro might have been one of my favorites out of that show. I definitely remember him and Cheetara a LOT.

    I remember that they were naked in the pilot as well! As a five-year old, my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe that they were actually showing naked cartoon people on my TV set. I was scared to death my mom was going to walk in and blow her top!

    Nice figure, even with its flaws, and a solid review video, Paulie!

  2. I thought that was a stand too. This was my first toy subscription and I wasn’t too happy with the delays. However the figures all looked amazing. It’s disappointing to hear that the wrists and ankles are weak. I don’t know if I should take mine out to check. I hope Super 7 gets to continue the line. I would like to see Cheetara, Tygra, and powered up Mumm-Ra figures.

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