Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2017 – The ComicBookGeek and Friends (Video)

This is a bit unlike most of my other videos, but I am putting up my convention/festival videos on this channel now. This is a bit of my experience at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on 8/6/2017. It was my buddy Dan’s (DannyLantern) 30th birthday. Awesome guy and a great group of buddies! This is a bit long, but lots of fun.

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2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2017 – The ComicBookGeek and Friends (Video)


    Seriously, everyone had an awesome time and that is what matters most. I am so happy for you, even as I stew in my glowing green envy. Paulie, you need a kissing booth at this thing. Everyone seems to want to lock lips with you, so why not profit from it?

  2. It looked like you had such a good time. You have such a great smile, especially when Dan kisses you :D. You made such a super-sexy pirate. Did Dan & Dan 2 remind you about that bottle of mead?

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