Power Ranger Hunks – Who Else is Ready for Next Week’s Premiere?

Anyone else ready to see the Power Rangers movie next week? Despite the criticism I’m reading online about this alternate reality and how it is being portrayed, I’m excited. Also, I’ve posted about this once before, but damn these guys look good. They are ripped as fuck and we’re barely even going to see them shirtless in the movie. I’m following all of them on their individual social media sites. Do you think you’ll like the movie?

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4 thoughts on “Power Ranger Hunks – Who Else is Ready for Next Week’s Premiere?

    1. I saw it this afternoon and enjoyed it a lot.
      Thank Gawd they eliminated 95% of the camp so that Rita was actually creepy and scary.

  1. I was unsure about some of the design choices at first. but then I realized, this is the first time in Power Ranger history, they minimized the connection to Sentai, and really made Power Rangers into its own thing. I’m excited to see what they’ve done with it. I hope it’s a more fun, upbeat superhero movie, even if it’s not an epic one. I really need that.

  2. Not sure still how I feel about the suits, and the boob plates in particular.

    As for the hot guys? Hell, the original MMPR show had a fuckton of fanservice aimed at girls (and boys who were starting to realize they might have a prediliction for that sort of thing… or both!)

    I remember the barely-a-shirt… things… those strips of cloth that Jason and Tommy wore that were supposed to pass for T-shirts. I wondered how their school let them walk around in those!

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