Defenders – Netflix has Finished Filming – Summer Release Date Coming Soon!

The Defenders has finished up filming and release date for the Netflix series is expected to happen over the summer. Even though Iron Fist may be the weaker out of the four superhero series, it was still great in my humble opinion (review for that coming soon). I totally binged watched it this weekend. The Defenders looks to have just about all of the major characters from all of the series introduced up to this point. A couple misc side characters will not make appearances but just about every other character has been listed according to Netflix.

All the series released to date has done well despite some criticisms here and there. Taking their time to develop each of the characters individually is the right way to go and Marvel has done a great job on this. The Marvel cinematic universe has been working on creating a unified movie-verse for years and their hard hard has paid off. Again, this is just my opinion. Anyone else excited to see the street level Avengers finally team up?

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1 thought on “Defenders – Netflix has Finished Filming – Summer Release Date Coming Soon!

  1. I’m excited for this new series. I can’t wait to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist meet up for the first time and how Luke reacts to seeing Jessica again. Plus Sigourney Weaver as the villain….sign me up for this.

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