Preacher – TV Show is coming to AMC – Based on The Comic Book Series


There will be a Preacher TV show coming to AMC. How cool is that?! If you ware unaware, Preacher was a comic book series that was part of DC Comics’ Vertigo series. Meaning that it was not superhero based, but more adult and set in a tone that allowed a lot more violence, nudity and cursing. However, superpowers still existed, and the Preacher series was one of their more popular titles for a long time. The title was written by Garth Ennis, who is not shy at showing tons of blood and sex regularly.

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The new TV show is going to be given the Walking Dead treatment and will more than likely not have anywhere near as much cursing involved, but we can look forward to a lot of violence. So that is definitely a plus! The main character is Jesse Custer, who is as the title suggests, a Preacher. However he is possessed by an entity called Genesis and has the power to control people by voice command. He also kills his congregation and goes on cross country adventure in search of God and to make God pay for his atrocities to mankind. It’s a pretty intense series.

Check out the trailer below. The series sets to air on AMC in Summer 2016.

1 thought on “Preacher – TV Show is coming to AMC – Based on The Comic Book Series

  1. ……..I’m actually a bit surprised that this show is being given the TV series Treatment. Then again, with shows like Supernatural, the themes explored in Preacher are ever so SLIGHTLY more acceptable now than they would’ve been when this comic began its initial run.

    I still expect some watering down, though that might not be entirely bad. I felt like some of Preacher was just for shock value, and didn’t contribute to the story.

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