GayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

His name is Bryan aka Pumba and he’s amazing! He entered into my porn contest a couple months back but I’ve followed him and slightly stalked him ever since. I love everything that he’s posted. His art skills are off the chart and I have to say that he’s pretty easy on the eyes too. I’m not just saying that cause he’s hot, (which he is) but also that he’s a great cosplayer too. Check out his Sokka costume from Avatar- The Last Airbender:


He’s done other costumes and lots of art pieces. Here’s his Starlord and Digimon characters. Check him out at Tumblr when you get a chance:

And of course some of his other pieces that he’s done that was also based on my GayComicGeek character. I particularly like the jizz covered pic!

4 thoughts on “Pumba is a fracking badass artist! Check out this GayComicGeek Drawing he did!

  1. I love erotic cartoons. I have no artistic talent. If a guy drew pictures of me I would be very happy. It would be a great way to get me so turned on I could bottom.

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