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Homoerotic Pagan Art of St. Jinx (NSFW-ish)

Have you seen the work of St. Jinx? Well if you like art that emphasizes the sexual aspect of men (which I’m always a fan of seeing), this artist is right up your alley. Besides having strong Pagan themes, he has some pop culture side pieces thrown in as well. I have seen so many art pieces made by heterosexual artists on Pagan imagery that only depict women in sexual positions that it is gratifying to see the genders reversed with St. Jinx’s work.

St. Jinx’s Patreon page: Patreon...

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GayComicGeek Art by SunnyVictor

Have you met Sunny Victor? He’s an outstanding artist that I have followed for a bit. He recently made a GayComicGeek piece that I absolutely love! He made a slightly more adult version of this as well, but that’s only on his Patreon site. He’s been an artist for Class Comics and has done a wonderful job with the PayDay comic and with his ongoing Naked Knight series. Check him out when you get a chance.

Sunny Victor’s Patreon:
Twitter: Twitter...

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GayComicGeek Superhero & Naked Beefiness Art by – B00TH425 (NSFW)

Holy fracking hell, check out the art by Booth424. He made two versions of the GayComicGeek, both of which are beefy as fuck. One as a superhero and one was what a GayComicGeek bodybuilder would look like. Look at those pecs and that bulge is fucking amazing. Booth425 has made a lot of other works. Some of the Safer For Work projects are available on his Instagram and of course there are many others on his Patreon site as well.

If you want to contact him directly, or commission him, you can a...

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Pride Month Artist Spotlight – Joe Phillips

I have posted in the past about Joe Phillips, but he deserves repostings. His work is off the charts in terms of how phenomenal his skills are as an artist. This is not to mention that he exemplifies his work in modes of realism that represent subjects that are based on friends and those individuals that he has met in his life. I have been lucky to meet him several times are varying conventions and am proud to call him a friend...

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The Art of Joseph Giampietro – Look At That GayComic Geek Art! (NSFW)

Whoa! I was pleasantly surprised by a fanart piece done by JGiampietro. Look at this, it’s phenomenal! I checked out some of his other works and this guy should have his own comic book. I collected a couple his other pieces down below. Some are not safe for work, which are probably the best out of the bunch. You be the judge! Also, follow him on his various social media sites listed below as well.

Tumblr: www...

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The Art of Ake – He Did a GayComicGeek Piece Too! (NSFW-ish)

Have you seen the Art of Ake? This guy does beautiful work. He recently drew a picture of my GayComicGeek character. It’s marvelous! I collected a couple of his public pieces to post and I unquestionably adore his work. He is working on individual comics. One of which is a short strip that he started to work on years ago called Navel. I am excited to see it’s completion. The cover is listed below. From what I have seen, it is hot and super smoking sexy!

Check out Ake’s website and other social...

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GayComicGeek and Other Art by Esziedraws – He Does Some Great Stuff! (NSFW)

It’s not colored in yet, but Esziedraws does some incredible work. I’m honored that he did a sketch of me that has been posted on his Facebook and Twitter page. Maybe if he ever does abother work of my GayComicGeek character, he’ll be in a sticky XXX situation. At least I hope so! Check out the work above and you can see some of his other finished works below.

You can follow him on his Facebook Page at:

His Twitter Page:

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GayComicGeek Art – by ArtOfRican (NSFW)

Have you seen this GayComicGeek art by ArtofRican? I think I just found my GayComicGeek 3.0 costume! I can make that harness with ease. I think this guy is a fracking badass! He even made a slightly NSFW version of this picture, which I’m posting below too.

Check out his work over at Tumblr:
His Instagram site:

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Happy Pride Month! Here’s Some Comic Book Art/Variant Covers Celebrating It (MOSTLY SFW)

Happy Pride Month everyone! I tried to find the names to some of these artists or creators. The top pic was made by MicahDraws and I think he did an excellent job. Here’s some other alternate covers and past art that I feel is very touching. Also, if you have not already, check out the book Love is Love for a really awesome book that is dedicated to honor those who were killed in the Orlando Pulse shootings. Be warned, it is something that will make you cry. Or at least it did for me...

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GayComicGeek Art – By Artist David Cantero

I always have to promote any artist that takes the time to draw my GayComicGeek character and David Cantero did totally sweet job of this. You may remember David from the comic book review I did yesterday on Class Comics’The BriGAYde #1 comic book review I did yesterday. Awesome artist and I’m especially loving the bulginess he did with my GCG persona. David a total hottie too, he’s pictured below.

Check out David’s work on his website:

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