Pumyra Thundercats Classics Toy Figure Review from MattyCollector

Pumyra from the Thundercats Classics figures from MattyCollector is out and is pretty awesome. Besides being slightly taller than expected and a slightly off eye paint app, this is a great figure. I will be giving her a great home among all of my other toy figures, especially my Masters of the Universe He-Man figures.

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2 thoughts on “Pumyra Thundercats Classics Toy Figure Review from MattyCollector

  1. The Totem of Dera came in much later in the show. It was a piece of the Treasure of Thundera, but I don’t think Pumyra wielded it. She MIGHT have, but it would have been only for a few minutes. I think the episode where the Totem debuted was more about Snarf and Snarfer.

    Either way, good toy review, Paulie!

  2. I think MattyCollector held back on giving subscribers Cheetara and Tygra with the first wave. If they did that then no one would subscribe to future waves. This is a moot point now that they’re not doing any more waves. I really hope Super7 takes it over. With that out of the way, I really do like the Pumyra figure. The one I have is really nice and I don’t see any imperfections.

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