Iceman Finally Kisses His Inhuman Boyfriend – Romeo – Comic Load 1/18/2017

It’s comic book day! In All New X-Men #17 we have Iceman trying to get away with his boyfriend Romeo of the Inhumans. In the Actual Inhumans vs. X-Men #2 the adventure really takes place. The X-Men make thei real hardcore attack against the Attilan city. Batman #15 has Batman have one more night with Catwoman. Captain America Sam Wilson #18 has Sam face a morale dilemma of releasing a video that shows how brutal the AmeriCorps really are. Trinity #5 has the main big three against Mongul…in a dream! Ultimates 2 #3 continues on Galactus’s new LifeBringer storyline that Lord Chaos and Master Order want to change.
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2 thoughts on “Iceman Finally Kisses His Inhuman Boyfriend – Romeo – Comic Load 1/18/2017

  1. Marvel seriously needs to stop with the new #1 issues. It’s getting ridiculous. Just when you get into a comic book they end it and restart it. Rant over – All-New X-Men was a really sweet issue and the kiss was incredible. I read The Mighty Captain Marvel and it was a good start. I really missed the friendly banter between Carol and Jessica. Batman was really good too. I loved that they used both the Golden Age and Batman Year One meetings between Batman & Catwoman. Plus Holly Robinson makes a long overdue appearance that explains a lot of Selina’s current story. Nightwing was also really good, although the mystery villain wasn’t much of a surprise. I can’t wait for your He-Man/Thundercats review.

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