Ragz Cosplay – Super Cutie Male Costumer Spotlight!

Spidey Selfie

Some costumers go under reported, despite their skills being badass. Ragz Cosplay is one of those cosplayers. He does great costumes, but his work rarely gets retweeted or reposted. I feel the need to tell the world about this guy. Besides being incredibly humble about his super cute looks and his geeky uniforms, he’s also very nice guy. I have had the honor of meeting him several times at Dragon Con. Every time I have wanted to take a picture with him, or was in a group shot, he was very gracious.

Red Robin and Cap

I would LOVE to photograph Ragz in my own shoots. He is a gay costumer, so I know that gives him a lot more freedom costumes and shoots that many heterosexual men shy away from. Not that I would want him to do sexual private photoshots with me…well maybe a little. But they would be very tasteful and probably only shared on my Patreon site. Regardless, it would be nice to get some more gay cosplayers out there and have their recognition be known. He definitely has the poses down and he knows his characters very well also.

Spider-Man 2

Anyways, check out his Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/RagzCosplay. I will not be able to meet up with him this Dragon Con since I will be out of town at the time. But I do hope to get him in front of my camera soon! Check out some of his pics below.

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