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Rebirth – The Button Conclusion, The Return of Gambit and The Phoenix Battles Thor – Comic Book Day – 5/17/2017

It’s comic book day! Some really good ones have come out this week.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 – Flashbacks to explain what has happened in the alternate timeline with an evil Tommy taking over.
Superman #23 – More mysteries as Lois is captured by the town and the villain behind the capture is revealed.
Star Wars #31 – Dr. Aphra and Luke join up to help decipher a former Jedi artifact. They have to go through a Jedi vampire first though.
Teen Titans #8 – The Lazarus Contract Part 2. Deathstroke is using the Flashes to go back in time to save his son.
Nightwing #21 – Wally West and Dick Grayson team up. These guys are awesome!
Batman #23 – Batman and Swamp Thing team up. That’s about it.
X-Men Gold #4 – Gambit returns. FINALLY!
The Mighty Thor #19 – Thor teams up with Odinson to battle the Phoenix.
Flash #22 – The conclusion to the Button storyline. Where the hell is Tim Drake?!

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1 thought on “Rebirth – The Button Conclusion, The Return of Gambit and The Phoenix Battles Thor – Comic Book Day – 5/17/2017

  1. I thought Flash #22 was a let down. I knew they weren’t going to answer any questions but I did think Jay Garrick would return for more than a couple of pages. I was hoping his return would lead to the JSA returning as well. I guess we’re going to have to wait on that one. My favorite part of Teen Titans was Donna Troy picking Damian up by the cape. I’ve been waiting for someone to put him in his place. It did bother me that Beast Boy didn’t know who Dick was and Kori didn’t know Donna. I wish more of their New Teen Titans history was in Rebirth. I also read Green Lanterns, which had Jessica Cruz dealing with Guy Gardner and the last page was brilliant. Superman #23 was good too even though the main villain was spoiled for me. I felt bad for Lois and her injury. I hope it was a trick and not for real.

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