Russell Tovey – He’s One of Those Guys That Just Gets Hotter the More I See Him

Russell Tovey

There are some actors that you know go down that bad path in entertainment and do not look well after a few years of being a celebrity and then there’s those that go down a nicer path. Russell Tovey just gets hotter every time I see him. I am not that guy that would pass out seeing Tovey on stage when I see him…if I ever see him…but I would geekgasm if I did run into him. He is an incredible out gay actor and I have a huge crush on him. Obviously.

I know he was in the movie History Boys, but the first time I ever saw him was in Doctor Who. He was Midshipman Alonso Frame. And even though he was limited in his appearances, I cared enough about him to cosplay as his character. From them on I continued to stalk…follow him on his social media sites. From his bromantic relationship on Being Human, his serious take on the show Banished, which unfortunately will not get a second season. And especially him playing a gay character with another gay actor in the HBO show Looking. Which that in itself is rare. Most mainstream gay characters are portrayed by straight men or closeted gay men.

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Looking had its issues and it was very unique among many gay shows. The depiction of a realistic look on San Francisco gay life was something that went in a different direction than what some fans expected. The audience seems to be divided as either hating or loving it. Tovey definitely made the show enjoyable for me though. I will definitely be watching the movie finale that is being made that is suppose to close up some of the loose ends that the show left open when it was cancelled. If anything, just for closure. Also, Russell Tovey will be in it. So, duh, I have to watch it.


All in all, I love Tovey. I may be biased because of his looks, but he is quite nice to look at. It is also nice that he is a gay man who has similarly big ears like I do. Having big ears may not seem like a big deal to people who do not have smaller ears, but it has been a constant form of ridicule I have endured my entire life. Seeing an entertainer out there with big ears and seeing that he is successful, and he is a proud gay man…well that just makes me like him even more.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I was blown away by him when I first saw him (also in Doctor Who) and he’s just getting sexier. Jealous as all hell

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