Sex Dreams – Ever have one with some one you least expected?

Sex Dream True Blood 1
Despite what TV shows have taught us, when you have sex dreams with a random person in your life, and you had no feelings for this person before the dream, it does not always mean that you are secretly in love with them. Many times the dream is random and is simply a person that you thought was insignificant but your mind decided to focus on some stronger meaning of what this background association meant to your day to day life. Although other times it could be that your mind has made you realize that there are other people in your routines that need some sort of attention for their contributions. Some sex dreams revolve around people that you would never consider to have an intimate relation with because they are unappealing to you. This could sometimes even be with a gender that you usually never want to have any sex with. That is not to say that you may not have your mind tell you that you do like someone more than you originally thought. Sometimes you are just really horny and you find someone attractive, then of course you could also have that person in your thoughts and want to become sexually involved with them through a dream. Although generally you usually already know this before you have the dream.


That being said, I had a sex dream with a friend of mine (one of the guys in the pic below) that I would not have ever thought of having a sex dream with. I will not say who that person is, but unfortunately it is a guy that I am close with. And now I can’t get him out of my head. I know I don’t secretly like him, but damn it was hot. Especially because we knew each other so well and that we knew what the other would like. I have to go take a cold shower now. Anyone have a dream like this before and have a hard time getting that person out of your head?


4 thoughts on “Sex Dreams – Ever have one with some one you least expected?

  1. Yep. A straight former co-worker who I worked closest with. I told him about it and he laughed and thought it was weird but funny. Thankfully, he didn’t get upset, he just wanted to know if he was any good. LOL

  2. Seriously frustrating when that happens, and it’s so embarrassing later when I see them and have to be normal while talking to them. Whether or not I secretly liked them more than I realized, I generally develop a stupid crush that won’t go away for several months (or longer if I don’t see them often).

  3. I have. Same thing. Was going at it with a real close friend. It was really intense and hot, especially since he wanted to bottom. I woke up a bit odd with that in my head and slightly uncomfortable BUT as the day continued, the feeling passed and now if that image pops back, I just chuckle and move on cause I know it was just a silly dream and he is still one of my closest friends (who now is married and has a son).
    Don’t worry Paul, that weird feeling passes so long as you let it, buddy 🙂

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