What would a Fetish where Males Transform into an Animal be called? Does it Have a Name?

Transformering Tovey

I have noticed on my adventures through different fetish sites that there are a number of pics and some animations of men being transformed into animals. I thought these were Furries at first. but then I noticed that the usually just stop at the men becoming full animals. Sometimes there is still more sex involved, but it is differently not with Furries, it is with other animals with no humanistic traits. Is this a sexualized version of Animorphs?
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Many times there are drawings and art that depicts this. Sometimes it is famous characters and sometimes it’s just normal people. They all go through animalistic changes and the sites that show the men transforming emphasize particularly when they are taking their clothes off and their dicks are being exposed. Usually their genitals are being morphed as well.

What is really cool is that there are a number of posts and sites that glorify Werewolf movies in particular because of the intensity of their transformations. I love werewolves myself, much more than vampires. If I had the choice of supernatural creature, I’d be a Lycan from Underworld. They’re so incredibly badass. I saw the movie An American Werewolf in London, when I was a kid because its somewhat sequel, An American Werewolf in Paris had just came out and I thought I had to see the prequal first. I was naive at the time. But I popped a boner seeing the guy take his clothes off and almost show his junk in the first movie.

russell tovey nude being human

The British version of Being Human showed Russell Tovey taking his clothes off and showing his ass almost once per episode when he would become a werewolf. Is that why I liked the British version so much better than the American version? Wow Russell Tovey’s ass is great…what was I saying? Oh yeah, animorphic transformations.

There are some animations that have been done as well. Tumblr is a huge source of this material. One vid showed a conveyor belt of men being slowly transformed into donkeys and then having them ‘milked’ as they’e taken away. See the vid above. Many drawings show men being morphed into any number of species.

Dean Transforms

I have found many sites dedicated to showing pics of transformations. One was called, Transfur.com. You do have to see a lot of painful female renditions, but that is to be expected. There is another site called: MaleBots.com that focuses on sci-fi and cyborg transformations, but it also has lots of animal morphing as well. I have found little information that names this fetish. So does this fetish have a name? Is it a fetish? For no particular reason, below is a gay werewolf, human couple. It’s very cute.

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  1. I’m not sure about the name but I seem to fall a bit in that group, especially during werewolf transformation scenes. I remember the first time I got a boner from that was Underworld during Micheal’s first full moon in the back of the car…that’s actually one of the first times I remained rock hard afterwards so I just kept on going and had that scene on repeat, lol.

    Thank you for this segment, Paul 🙂

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