Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Austin!

I got a lot of friends that costume. Here’s my buddy Austin. He’s fucking hot as all hell! He’s done several costumes that I’m particularly fond of. His Captain Marvel Jr. and Superboy are totally spot on accurate! He just recently became a dad…a real dad. Not a ‘daddy.’ Here’s some of the pics that he’s shared with us. And yes, the selfie pics are a gift that he’s allowed me to post up. I didn’t want to push it and get more risky pics, but these are still pretty fucking awesome! I love how he just kinda shows a glimpse of his cock in a couple of the pics
And yes, Austin is totally straight. He just likes to show off his body and his dick too. I’ll accept any pic he’s willing to share. If he ever sends more risky pics, I’ll definitely post them up. He doesn’t have a Fan Page up yet, but I keep encouraging him to start one already. But anyways, here’s Austin! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Austin!

  1. He is hot. Hotter still that he loves costuming and showing off his body and doesn’t get freaked that gay guys ogle him and lust for him. And he can be friends with gay guys on the basis of a common interest other than sex – costuming.

  2. Wow, he is a total hottie. Love the spidey and black cat, and nightwing. Your friends are awesome!

  3. It like like he was in a “Bound Gods” video in one of those pics! Hope you do get a dick pic at some point. Don’t you love when straight guys don’t mind getting naked for their gay friends? They’re such teases sometimes.

    1. Haha sorry, that’s a person I questioned him on. I didn’t mean for it to get in this group of pics to be uploaded.

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