Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Dustin Dorough

Dustin Dorough 31

I’ve known Dustin Dorough a couple of years. I’ve even had the honor of costuming next to him a couple times. This past year I’ve seen him costume as Superman, Captain America and I think he was Wolverine at some point.

Dustin Dorough 1

Luckily Dustin likes to take his shirt off, which no in the history of man has ever said was a bad thing. Especially for a body that he has! He can actually pull of the whole Super Soldier look and has a pretty nice set of biceps to go along with his physique.

Dustin Dorough 30

Dustin is also an aspiring Director/Actor. Hearing his vocal skills and his seeing his talent up front, he definitely has what it takes. Be sure to check out some of his amazing costumes below and be sure to check out his fan page at: Dustin Dorough Official

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