Shatterstar – Marvel Legends Toy Figure Review – Warlock BAF Series

The bisexual Shatterstar finally gets the Marvel Legends treatment. Even better is that it’s the 90’s version of Shatterstar. Not that the current version is horribly drawn, but I like classic Shatterstar so much better. Here’s my thoughts on this Marvel Legends piece. Definitely worth it for any X-Force fan out there. Thank you Sam for getting me this figure!

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2 thoughts on “Shatterstar – Marvel Legends Toy Figure Review – Warlock BAF Series

  1. *giggles* I love it when you play with yourself, Paulie!

    …I mean, TOYS! PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS! …no, that didn’t come out any better.

    And there I went again! Never mind. Moving onto the actual video, great review. It’s good to see one of the few bisexual male superheroes out there getting the Marvel Legends publicity treatment. I really wish we had more characters who were bisexual. Usually, bi characters tend to be female, and I always get just a little bit excited whenever I hear that a show features a bisexual guy.

    And yes, I agree that you need to wear your Shatterstar cosplay outfit more often. Maybe you could do a Patreon photo shoot in it?

  2. I’m one of those that wished that a lot of the comic stuff from the 90s went away. I was not a Shatterstar fan when he first came out. I never understood the leg belts…wouldn’t it be hard to walk, much less fight wearing one? Anyway…I became a fan when Peter David wrote him in X-Factor and had him come out as bisexual. This figure looks a lot better than I thought it would. You made a great Shatterstar and that pic of you and Dazzler is awesome. I bought the Dazzler figure in the line.

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