Batwoman #1, Eddie Brock Returns to Venom & More – Comic Load 3/15/2017

It’s Comic Book Day!
Batwoman #1 – Very noir feel to this back story involving Batwoman’s past and a solid opening for her new ongoing series.
Superman #19 – Mr. Mxy has taken Jonathan Kent and Superman and Lois have to go through his games to get Jon back.
Trinity #7 – A new villainous trinity form in the names of Circe, Lex and Ra’s Al Ghul.
Venom #5 – FINALLLY Eddie Brock returns to the mix. Hopefully he will be taking the symbiote in the next issue.
Nightwing #17 – Deathwing fights against Nightwing with the real mastermind behind everything waiting in the background.
Sam Wilson Captain America #20 – Rage is imprisoned despite his innocence and transferred to a prison for villains. That’s not good.
Batman #19 – Bane fights his way through all of Batman’s villains and damn. He whoops all of their asses!

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman #1, Eddie Brock Returns to Venom & More – Comic Load 3/15/2017

  1. Didn’t DC end up doing this same thing about a decade ago? They had so many back-to-back Crisis events that the fans got bored and went elsewhere. Then, there came the Countdown event, which the majority of people hated for being contrived and confusing. I think DC handwaved that event afterward, saying that it “wasn’t important”, even though Countdown was supposed to be this massive tie-in to EVERYTHING at that point, leading up to Final Crisis.

    It’s like Marvel is making the exact same mistakes that DC made, and only because DC made them first. Marvel and DC do have this history of playing “copycat” with one another. When something popular hits Marvel, DC does the same thing, and vice-versa with the opposite. I feel like this is a really absurd move for Marvel to make, particularly after they saw how well it went for DC.

    Or, maybe Marvel bases all of their decisions on book sales and nothing else. It was the same thing that kept the Clone Saga going way, way past its prime.

    *shrugs* Either way, good load this week, Paulie. 🙂

  2. I agree with you – Marvel needs to stop all the events and reboots. I’m really getting sick of it. Deathwing was really creepy and I didn’t expect Professor Pyg to be involved. Plus Damian was a little shit but now we know why. Superman was cool too. They’re drawing a very creepy Mxy and I really like it. I wonder how they’re going to tie this all up next week. I also read Wonder Woman Meets The Bionic Woman, which is always fun. They told the back stories of all the villains for anyone who didn’t watch the TV shows. It looks like the next issue will be really fun too (Wonder Girl). You ALWAYS have the BEST T-shirts. Looks like I’m going to have to track it down for myself 😀

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