Bulge 13

It may sound weird, but I usually like to see bulges more than the actual junk on a guy. Granted, I would want to eventually see the guy’s junk, but I get very turned on by seeing a guy’s crotch and seeing the tightness of that area more than anything. Lately I’ve been asked a lot if I want to see someone’s dick. I think it’d be cooler to see the bulge in their pants so much more.
A Bulge

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of tight pants. Unless I am in costume or if I am wearing skinny jeans. Which I hate skinny jeans. They’re just not for me. I personally prefer comfortable pants that’s slightly loose. Not baggy, but carpenter pants are awesome. The problem with being comfortable is that it is not always the sexiest thing to wear. Hence, why I like boxers rather than sexy underwear. It’s just so much more comfortable.
Bulge Grab John Barrowman

Speaking of crotches, I want to take a pic with John Barrowman aka Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow aka Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood/Doctor Who. I want him to do exactly what I’ve seen him do in countless pics with other guys out there (See pic above). I don’t care if I have to pay him to do it, that picture is my dream!
Bulge 1

Anyways, show me your junk! You got pics of your bulge you want to share? Now would be a great time to do that! You can message me on my Social Media site or email me directly at: gaycomicgeek@hotmail.com
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