So I’m Unemployed now…so what do I do now?

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  1. Sorry to hear of this not so great news…. I think you have the attitude, the charisma and the look (of course) to do youtube full time.. But, going back to school is always a good idea. I am always looking for new employees but I live in Indiana… Good luck!! I am a firm believer in when one door closes another will open.

  2. I have been in Japan for two weeks, and am just now starting to get caught up on the backlog of e-mails and whatnot that have stockpiled.

    It sucks so bad that you were fired, but try to look at the situation as an opportunity and not a set-back. I really hope you continue doing GCG reviews and vids. They brighten up so many people”s days, myself included.

    Plus, I just love watching you be dorky on camera. 🙂

  3. I was very sorry to hear of your situation. My internet was down and you are definitely NSFW, lol! I think if you worked on it you could become a full time youtuber. If you want it, I know you can put in the work. Think how hard you worked at your old job, only working for yourself. Though you only did a couple of scripted videos they were great (Thank you Doctor, Zombie Apocalypse). Writing gets better with practice, I’m sure you will feel more confident the more you do. A humorous sexy GCG superhero series would be awesome! The cheesier the better. 🙂 I bet one of your fans knows a special effects software that could help. I would love to help you write it. Just a thought.

  4. I love what you do and it really seems like you do to so I would say keep doing the videos and keep you website up and running and find a job that does not care what you do in your off time. If you want to become a full time youtuber my roommate and I are here to support you. Keep up the great work. xoxo

    1. I would love to be a full time YouTuber, it would take so much work to get that going though. I’m trying to do that now.

  5. That really sucks about your job. You should post what the job was so your fans know to not do business with them.

    I hope you keep up with the gay comic geek! Heck maybe you should start your own specialty porn! That would be the ultimate revenge–make money off what they fired you for.

  6. Sorry to hear you lost your job, Paul. It’s pretty crap that they did that to you as if there’s something intrinsically wrong with porn and as if it’s something that only ‘other people’ look at (yeah right!).

    The immature side of me wants to say “Hey! Do porn full time!” although that would be rather selfish (and just a little bit creepy as advice) but the cold, hard truth is that, whatever you do, you have to do something that benefits YOU and not (just) other people.

    I wouldn’t want you to wind up the website but – once you’ve looked at the situation from all sides – if that’s what you feel you should do to preserve and protect your livelihood then perhaps that’s what you should do. I can’t honestly advise one way or the other because we don’t know your personal circumstances but if it’s the only thing that makes sense then that’s what you should do.

    All that said, you certainly have a talent for presenting and hosting so maybe there’s something to be explored there. I dare say there are a few interesting stories or documentaries to be told about the porn industry or the comic geeks. Maybe you could develop something along those lines or possibly even write about them from an insider perspective. You’re pretty well versed in sexual health and education so perhaps there’s something to be explored in the role models that young gay (and straight) men choose. Perhaps you could become a freelance correspondent for one of the big gay publications or media outlets. It would be a shame to let all that experience you’ve accrued go to waste so perhaps that’s an avenue to take.

    Whatever you choose to do, best of luck and I really hope you find success very soon. Don’t give up hope!

    1. Haha, yeah a lot of people have said that I should do porn. If worse comes to worse, that’s a possibility! I wish my writing skills were better. I’d love to write articles and publish works to other established sites out there.

      1. Well you know what they say – write from the heart and write what you know about. You have nothing to lose by trying and you’ve got plenty of people here willing to give you feedback on how well your writing reads. Plus you’ve already done countless videos reviewing stuff and offering advice and feedback. Surely you must have prepared that stuff in advance (ok, perhaps not written it verbatim but your delivery shows preparation and knowledge – that’s a talent you can exploit). In the same way you’ve attended comic conventions, maybe you could attend some porn conventions and do interviews with the stars of upcoming releases. If the porn companies are already sending you stuff to review, they clearly value your feedback and contributions to your followers so contact them and ask about it (again, you have nothing to lose by trying).

  7. So Paul, if your passion is to continue with Youtube and expand the Gay Comic Geek that would be awesome and I would do what I could to support you. You know from your past experiences with your work that passion plays a big role in what you want and how far you want to take something. Get some help and advice from other Youtubers, I am sure they would be glad to give you some guidance. Be the person you want to be and don’t let others make you into something that you don’t want. You be the best you, you can be.

    1. I have asked a lot of YouTubers for help. It’s a lot of different directions that people took and I like how some of them made their mark. Others put in a lot of money into their own advertising, which I wasn’t even aware that you could do. That’s obviously anything I can do with my limited funds. I have a long road ahead of me.

  8. Paul, I am so sorry that you are going through this. Totally undeserved, as what you do here has nothing to do with your job. I read some of the comments on your Facebook post about this, and I think there are some really interesting ideas out there. The one thing that seemed to be a common thought is that you should definitely expand on this brand you have created and work more for yourself. You are a very creative and talented man, and this may be the opportunity to build on that. Can you make any money designing costumes for people? Sell some branded items off the website? I know you’ve toyed with the idea of adult film work in the past; maybe you could make a “members only” section of your site that features your character in those types of situations. I don’t really know how the You Tube thing works, but it definitely sounds like a good idea to increase your presence there and try to build that up more. Maybe by trying a lot of different things, you could cobble together a living doing stuff you like and working for yourself. Selfishly, I’d hate to see the site come down, but I understand that you gotta do what you gotta do. Just know that there are many of us out here that really appreciate your work, and I for one would try to support you in any of these endeavors. Take care, and best of luck!

    1. I’d love to work for TitanMen. Don’t know if I have what it takes to be a TitanMAN. Most of those guys are much bigger and tougher than I am. I’m puny in comparison.

  9. Always put in for your EBT before you get unemployment or they will base it off your unemployment. Any time I lose a job I just go back to waiting tables , your a cute guy find somewhere and flirt with men for tips or you can just make porn ! . Also this is a great time to clear your life of clutter for extra cash. I got rid of years of video games , comics books and cds

  10. I’m glad to see you’re doing better. I hope you continue the website and videos at least until you make a decision regarding your future. I would definitely buy a Gay Comic Geek T-shirt from you.

  11. Hey Paul! I am sorry to hear the news! I was recently let go from my job too so I can empathize! I hope you don’t quite doing this stuff. You seem to really love it and we do too! Best of luck! I think this will lead you to bigger and better things! Much love and positive vibes your way!

  12. Expand your gay comic geek. Not to make you feel old or anything, but isn’t it your generation telling us young ones to follow what we love even if we are scared? It’s never too late to follow your dreams paul! Take the advice you give us, and follow yours

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