So Many Geeky Things to Look forward to Next Year!

So many shows/movies are coming out next year, it’s incredible to be a geek! Maybe not a gay geek as there’s not a lot of gay representation in these venues, unless you count lesbian acts, which I don’t. We at least get some gay characters in Flash and Agents of SHIELD. But whatever, we cannot hope for equal representation over night. We are making tiny minuscule representation of a gay characters here and there. One day we will have a full on gay superhero carry a show. Until then, I will appreciate the superhero movies we get now. Captain America Civil War or Cap vs. Iron, looks to be great. It is almost like an Avengers Lite movie.


Daredevil started the whole Marvel Netflix superhero shows and I’m excited to see season 2. Especially since now we’re getting Punisher and Electra showing up this season. More than likely there will be some sort of spin off on both characters if they do the season right. Plus an eventual team up of Jessica Jones with Luke Cage, Daredevil, Punisher, Iron Fist and maybe Blade and Ghostrider down the line, it could be one of the best team up (Defender) series ever done.


Anyone in the cosplay community can tell you that Deadpool characters are usually the worst cosplayers as they’re more annoying than people who dress as the Joker. They literally take their character to heart and become an annoying superhero/anti-hero/villain. With that being said, I cannot wait to see this movie and I kinda want to make my own Deadpool costume. Don’t tell anyone.


The Suicide Squad is a movie that fans are either excited about or they’re totally on the hater side of it. I personally want to give it a chance since we will be getting more DC Characters introduced into their movie-verse. I may not be liking everything I see, but I will definitely give a shot. Jared Leto as the Joker can work, and I refuse to believe the theories about him that are sprouting all over the place. I will wait to see for myself.

Supers and Bat

Batman v. Superman is probably the biggest thing that DC is banking on. If this movie fails, they are totally going to ruin everything that they have built up in the next couple of years. Some movies are being made regardless of this movies value, but they are making a leap to make this movie to further their superhero universe to match up with certain other companies. I do not like to think of any competition being made between universes, but it is obvious that Marvel has a cohesive movie/TV universe for the most part and are banking on it. Warner Brothers is making their attempt and writing their own formula to suit their own characters. Hopefully it will work. Besides, who does not want to see three of the most popular superheroes of all time FINALLY working together in a big budget production?


The first movie was not the greatest. It was entertaining, but there was a lot of criticism to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I personally thought it was decent. Nothing spectacular, but it kept me watching to the end. This one I am looking forward to seeing. Maybe it is the introduction of Casey Jones, maybe because of Rocksteady and Bebop, or that the Turtles ‘Come Out’ of the shadows. I do not know. I will be there opening day though.


X-Men have had a lot of movies to get things right. They started off shakey and then got pretty good. Then they outright sucked with a couple installments. Now I feel like they are on the right track. I know that Apocalypse still looks like Ivan Ooze from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, but he is a shape shifter and can look like who ever he wants to look like. One small factor is not going to keep me from not enjoying the movie. It has so much potential to be a badass movie.

Luke Cage

And let’s not forget Luke SEXY AS FUCK Cage getting his own series. Holy hell, I was so glad we got to see him shirtless in the Jessica Jones story and that he was not diminished in any way when his role was shown. I know the show was very much about Jessica and her hardships as recovering from her horrible abuse as being a victim of Kilgrave (the Purple Man), but sometimes shows can make other characters appear to be weak in respect to the main character. I cannot wait to see his show start up next year.

Anything I missed? What are you looking forward to seeing?