So thinking of doing a Fix It Felix Costume

So I was thinking of doing a Fix It Felix costume from Wreck it Ralph. What do you guys think?

10 thoughts on “So thinking of doing a Fix It Felix Costume

  1. Sounds like a cool idea sure to get a good response. What people won’t realize is that you’re not really Fixit Felix. You’re actually his erotic alter ego, Fuckit Chuck! A randy repairman who’s most impressive tool isn’t hung from his low slung belt that has many notches. Instead of a golden hammer you’re heavily equipped with a platinum pile driver of a cock that has a long line of massively muscular, plaid shirted mesomorphs queued up to be Rectum Ralph. Work for you?

      1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. This one came easy and almost wrote itself. I guess the question now is: Which would you rather be? Fixit Felix or Fuckit Chuck?

  2. Awesome idea. insert joke about big tools here.. but does he have a name badge? not sure if everyone else has seen the film thrice like I have to realise who he is, rather than ‘just’ some repair guy with a golden hammer.

  3. Hell yeah would be cool and HOT! I think u will have a line of Ralphs wanting to wreck things for you! I would even try being a Ralph.

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