So, what do you guys think of Beast Boy New 52?

Just thinking of new stuff to do and I kinda like this. Haha, I obviously can’t do the naked version since this is for a convention that will have people there. But shirtless is definitely do-able. I just need to figure out how to put hair on my shoulders and arms. What do you guys think?

6 thoughts on “So, what do you guys think of Beast Boy New 52?

  1. You could do a naked version if you have like a fur cock piece, or (green) skin colored trunks, or something.

  2. Hmmm reminds me of Beast in Xmen- STOP 52 its getting annoying!! I hate it. I stopped buying comics. Just waiting for Clark to get out of the shower walk into the bedroom with Lois and realize hey! it was all a shitty dream !

  3. I don’t think that anyone would mind the naked version of this from you as long as you post lots of pics! But you would look awesome either way would be so cool to see this beast boy come to life!

  4. You could do the naked version for private parties….Ha! Ive seen pics of guys who have painted on costumes that look pretty good. I wonder if the fact they have paint on makes them feel less naked. I mean, their dicks are right there, but painted…so does the paint take the place of clothing psychologically?

    Could you get away with a near naked version? As far as body hair goes, you could draw it on but that might take forever and there might be a chance it would look fakey. There has to be some make-up tutorials out there on hair application. Whatever you do, tho, you’ll look hot. I think the real trick will be getting that deep red/orange skin tone with just a hint of shine to it.

    Oh, and if you do a naked version feel free to send me a pic…..for educational purposes, of course…..

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