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Spectrum #1 – Gay Comic Book Review from TwoGargs (SPOILERS)

What if you had to “come out” twice? We learn how this could happen when a teenage kid learns he’s got superpowers. Richie Sorensen is just coming to grips with that fact that he’s gay. Now he has learn how to be a superhero too. How’s he going to cope with this? Here are my thoughts on this first issue of Spectrum from

This was written by writer: Michael McAdams

Drawn by: Jeremy Thew

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1 thought on “Spectrum #1 – Gay Comic Book Review from TwoGargs (SPOILERS)

  1. I just read the first issue online. I really liked it. It reminded me of the novel Hero. I thought it was a little to convenient that he ends up on the team that he does. I would like to see more, especially to see if the White Knights are really the good guys. Great review as always.

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