Dark Nights Metal #1 Wonder Woman #28 & More – Comic Book Day 8/16/2017

It’s comic book day! What’s your comic book load look like? There was a lot this week that I tried to fit in, but still I wasn’t able to get to everything.

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1 thought on “Dark Nights Metal #1 Wonder Woman #28 & More – Comic Book Day 8/16/2017

  1. Dark Night: Metal #1 was OK. I feel like they overhyped this issue. I will probably read the prequel issues (The Forge & The Casting) before reading this again. There was a whole lot of information dumped on the reader. No one has ever mentioned the Dark Multiverse until now so it is a new concept. I read Justice League and I refuse to believe Diana would abandon her son just because he’s male. There is another reason and I hope we find out next issue. I enjoyed The Mighty Thor #22 and can’t wait to see the throw down next issue. I also read Ultimates #100 and I’m really bummed it was the last issue. However it really ended on a high note.

    How excited are you for Tim’s return? That is awesome news. I hope they do a new Young Justice comic with Tim, Conner, Cassie & Bart.

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