Stickman Comic Book Is Being Made – A Comic Book on a Racist Nazi White Supremacist – Kyle Chapman

Is saying ‘Racist Nazi White Supremacist,’ redundant? I’ll go with it. Anyways, conservative comic creators Brett R. Smith and Mike Baron are creating a Nazi superhero in the form of white supremacist Kyle Chapman called Based Stickman. They actually tried to get support at San Diego Comic Con 2017. If you do not know Chapman, he is a criminal who has attacked antifa protesters at a rally at Berkeley in March 2017. He was arrested for hitting a protester over the head with a wooden stick. Hence the name Stickman. He also founded a group called the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights. He claims to be a Nationalist. Chapman has spent a combined 10 years in prison. He has been convicted of robbery, grand theft, he twice violated parole, he sold a shotgun and assault rifle to an illegal underground gun store, he has jumped bail, was homeless as a fugitive. When he was caught, he served five more years in prison. When he was released and his probation ended, he then attacked the Berkeley protester. You can read more about his criminal actions over at:

Anyone can draw and write what they want. But whether they should do something, that is another thing altogether. Basing a superhero on a criminal racist who attacks others and starts his own group of Nazis is disgusting. Brett R Smith also made Clinton Cash, another graphic novel that was commissioned by white supremacist, Steve Bannon. Both Smith and Mike Baron are complete fucking idiots.

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  1. This is the first time I can remember a comic sympathetic to the Nazi cause. The beginning of the comic industry was mostly the work of Jewish writers and artists. Now we have these two twisting all the joy they brought into the world into glorifying a hate-filled thug. They have every right to free-speech, but I hope it fails so hard they lose every cent they’ve invested. Sorry if this is too negative Paul, feel free to delete.

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