Stonewall Trailer – Who is the target audience for this movie?

Stonewall Poster

So much controversy regarding the upcoming Stonewall movie directed Roland Emmerich. History apparently is being re-written, again, for cinematic purposes. The trailer for this movie was released and as much as I can see from my own knowledge, I do not see any of the key players that should be recognized in this film. From all intents and purposes, this trailer makes it seem as though the main character, Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays Trevor, is the first person to throw a brick that sparked off the original Stonewall Riots. Which I hope that everyone knows is completely inaccurate as trans women Sylvia Riveria, and Marsha P. Johnson, are those that have been credited as being the most influential and initiators of these events. But this is just the trailer. Maybe we will see something completely different as trailers are often misleading.

Sylvia and Marsha

I understand many heterosexual people within the U.S. do not know very much about historic moments that involve the LGBT community. Even many members of the LGBT community can be misinformed about events that occurred within the last 40-50 years. I by no means am a historian myself. Most of my knowledge on LGBT history has been from internet searches in the past decade. It is not like these events are covered in high school history classes. Many colleges do offer some courses that would be beneficial, but not many and not everyone has access to these classes.

I will watch the movie and try to be as unbiased as possible, but I wonder who is the target audience? Is the LGBT community? Is it the heterosexual community?

3 thoughts on “Stonewall Trailer – Who is the target audience for this movie?

  1. Honestly, it really does seem to be whitewashing, though not necessarily 100%, but making the main character and ‘most influential character’ of the movement white.

    I get that movies are made with the purpose of making money, and telling a story, but if you’re doing it about an important event or someone’s/someones’ life/lives, then you owe it to them to not just go for ‘based on true events’, but ‘based on a true story’.

  2. This is a remake of the 1995 film, also called Stonewall. It is based on a book and does tell the story from a very particular angle. More about storytelling then history telling. I don’t know why they could not find someone to write an original screenplay for this, instead of retelling the same story we have already seen. It’s not like they make that many mainstream gay films.

    1. I saw the original 1995 version of Stonewall. but this new movie looks to be going in a different direction. Maybe it’s just me though, cause it seems like it’s a new perspective that’s taking place at the same time.

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