Kevin Bacon Demands more Penis in movies!

kevin bacon

I really just feel the need to share this and say that I completely agree! It is not fair that women are naked on a continual basis and that we rarely see naked men in movies/tv shows. What’s worse is that for some reason, the few times we do see penis, why is it always soft? Even after a sex scene, if the penis makes a rare cameo appearance, it’s flaccid. Shouldn’t it still be rock hard? Is it scary to people if it was hard for some reason?

3 thoughts on “Kevin Bacon Demands more Penis in movies!

  1. If I had any faith that Hollywood, or even independent films, could deal with sex with any kind of maturity, I would agree. But as it is, I think if they started flashing hard dick in movies, they would just degenerate to porn. I’ll admit, I’ve been suckered into buying some film, just because they promise full front, and usually the film itself isn’t even worth it. If they can include nudity, in a movie that’s well done, fine, otherwise, don’t bother.

  2. There appears to be a phobia of erect penises in modern American society. Why is that? Do modern men not look DOWN in the shower? Do they close their eyes as they crawl out of bed each morning to go piss?

    Do not fear the erection! Embrace it, America! As you have since you were twelve!

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