Supergirl is Heading to the CW for Season 2- More Crossovers with Flash and Arrow is Inevitable!


The EW has revealed that Supergirl has been renewed for a second season but she will be heading towards the CW instead remaining on CBS. This is great news in my book! Many fans are on the fence as to whether or not they like this show, but I am in full support of it. Melissa Benoist stars as Supergirl/Kara and I love her performance as the Girl (Woman) of Steel. She brings a very lighted heart tone that counter balances the Man of Steel movies that are out.

Super 2

This is incredible news for fans that are really into the idea of more crossovers with Flash, and eventually Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow as well. So this means we can one day have a huge epic crossover with the DC heroes that have been brought on the TV screen. Granted, Supergirl is in a different universe, but that’s a technicality. Flash can travel the dimensions easily.


What do you think? Is this good or bad, or do you not care? I know the fanbase is divided for supporting her show. I would love to see a mini Justice League episode or maybe just some be epic TV crossover that could involve Constantine, Arrow, Flash and Supergirl all battling a common foe. That would be pretty darn cool.

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1 thought on “Supergirl is Heading to the CW for Season 2- More Crossovers with Flash and Arrow is Inevitable!

  1. That’s awesome news. I think cw can do a JSA. They have the Hawks, wildcat, huntress, green arrow, black canary, Jesse quick, flash, atom and they said that next season we could meet earth 1 Kara but she doesn’t go by the name Supergirl which could be power girl.

    The news also can have her or Martian manhunter appear or join the legends

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