Superhero Underwear- God I love them!

I’ve been out of town for the past week, so I feel it’s time for an update. Here’s some superhero underwear pics that’s been sent to me over the past couple weeks. Some are of you guys and others are just random pics sent. Either way, I love them all!

If you have pics that you want to share or post, send to me through email: and I’d love to post them!

5 thoughts on “Superhero Underwear- God I love them!

  1. I love geeky underwear. My friend thinks superhero underwear make a guy look too boyish. I don’t feel boyish when I wear them. It feels fun. There are some guys that just look amazing in underwear. Who hasn’t gotten hard at the gym when a guy like that is there.

  2. paul what brought me to u was wen i seen u in ur tight robin costume im a huge fan of robin and omg i got hard all over just seeing u as him , u really know how to bring the boys running to u , lol love u alot and all of ur videos and costumes peace, love and ky ronny

      1. yes really. u really know how to make my day with ur videos and also too seeing u in ur he-man underwear is awesome, thanks for everything sexy robin ur always my boy wonder.batman has nothing on u..xoxo ronny

  3. Quite a lot of good ones here, to many for me to list all of the ones I liked, but I think my favorite is the star wars underwear, because I missed the goods the first time looking at it, and then was presently surprised a couple seconds later.

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