Superwoman #1 – DC Comic Book Review – What Did They Do?! (SPOILERS)

Superwoman 1 FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

Writer/Artist Phil Jimenez totally through us for a loop in this first issue of Superwoman #1. Was no expecting this twist ending that was given. For that, it was excellent! I love being surprised. Watch the video below with caution, I do mention spoilers.

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1 thought on “Superwoman #1 – DC Comic Book Review – What Did They Do?! (SPOILERS)

  1. Phil Jimenez knocked this out of the park. I love that we got not just one but three Superwomen. I had to check back to Justice League 50 to see how Earth-3 Superwoman died (incinerated) so that’s probably a Bizarro version (maybe). I can’t wait for the next issue.

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