The Cabin Part 1 from BoundGods –

Over at there is a Bound Gods series that has a Cabin in the Woods series. It was weird, because they released the series in reverse order for some reason. But regardless of that, I figured, I’ll do a video on each of them. But I’ll go in ascending order to keep things consistent and not to confuse people.

This first scene has Tatum, Brock Avery and Kip Johnson in it. Kip plays a kinky guy that loves to be tied up and sexually violated. And he is. Several times! Interesting start, but hold on to your asses for part 2. It goes into a completely different direction.

To see this scene, go to: and look for the Bound Gods series.

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This scene stars: Brock Avery

Brock Avery



And Kip Johnson

Kip Johnson

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