The Invincible Bunch – A New Online Series About 5 Gaymers & How They Fit in Society

A potential online series based on five gay men playing Dungeons and Dragons and how they relate to society is being made. The Invincible Bunch already has their first episode up on their Kickstarter site. It is quite amusing and they do seem to make excellent points on a couple different topics being discussed, all while still gaming. Seeing geeks discuss love, social life and the entertainment industry while all still focusing on an incredible role playing game is quite unique and entertaining.

The Invincible Bunch official description reads: The Invincible Bunch is an ensemble series about five very different gay guys who come together regularly in the backroom of their local comic book store to play a tabletop role-playing game.

Their attempts to work together to navigate the fantasy world created by their Gamesmaster are frequently sidelined by heated debates about superhero movies, video games, pop culture and their sex lives.

Can these mismatched companions learn to get along? What are the chances of rolling three natural twenties in a row? Is it against a Paladin’s order to use Tinder? And can we talk about Nightwing’s butt?? All of these questions will be answered… and more.

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1 thought on “The Invincible Bunch – A New Online Series About 5 Gaymers & How They Fit in Society

  1. I mean this was okay… I feel like they missed the mark on the gamer aspect tho. However being a gamer myself I rarely see a depiction of us that i’m okay with. Also the dialogue was deliver pretty flat, like I got really bored with this video like 3 or 4 times and paused to do other stuff. It could be good tho, in time after the actors start to understand their characters more.

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